Siphon Pot

Coffee Powder


  1. Soak
  2. After soaking your filter in a warm water bath for at least five minutes, drop it into the bottom of your siphon’s top component, or “hopper,” and hook to the bottom of the hopper’s glass tubing.
  3. Fill
  4. Fill your siphon’s bottom component, or “bulb,” with 300 grams of hot water (about a 12-oz. cup’s worth).
  5. Insert
  6. nsert the hopper, filter and all, into the bulb. You don't have to press too hard; just make sure it's securely and evenly in place. Position the entire assembly above your heat source.
  7. Measure
  8. While the water is heating, measure out between 20-25 grams of coffee and grind it just little bit finer than you would for regular drip coffee.
  9. Reduce Heat
  10. Once the water has moved into the hopper, turn your heat source down so that the water is between 185-195 degrees F.
  11. Add Coffee
  12. Add your coffee, and gently (but thoroughly) submerge it with a bamboo paddle or butter knife. Siphon Pot
  13. Brew
  14. Let the coffee brew, undisturbed, for one minute and 10 seconds (70 Seconds).
  15. Stir
  16. In one brisk motion, remove your siphon from its heat source and give it ten stirs with a bamboo paddle.
  17. Serve
  18. Your coffee should take another minute or so to draw downward and finally rest in the bulb. You'll know it's ready when a dome of grounds has formed at the top of the filter, and when the coffee at the bottom has begun to bubble at approximately the pace and strength of a kitten’s heartbeat. Siphon Pot with Coffee


  1. For stronger coffee:
  2. Use 4 ounces of water per tablespoon of coffee, or grind your coffee to a finer particle size
  3. For weaker coffee:
  4. Use 8 ounces of water per tablespoon of coffee, or grind your coffee to a coarser particle size
  5. For a fruitier, more acidic cup of coffee:
  6. Try a lighter roast coffee
  7. For a bolder, smoky and/or chocolatey cup of coffee:
  8. Try a darker roast coffee